Life In The Garden is a Social Enterprise where helping is more important than profit.

We teach people how to use the human / dog experience to make the world a better place. We are dedicated to helping people with the wisdom of ancient traditions and the knowledge of modern science.

The Garden was a Greek School of philosophy where the absence of adversity was considered good. The Garden school of philosophy did not place high value on excessive wealth or over indulgence, but on maintaining a state of homeostasis, a state free of pain, want, and worry. We could almost think of that as a basic human right. I believe a good question we should ask ourselves is do we have the right to make others suffer so we can profit by their suffering? If as individuals we don’t have that right we need to ask do corporations have a right to make others suffer so they can profit?

The Garden was Epicurus’s school of philosophy. Epicurus believed that the purpose of philosophy was to attain a happy, tranquil life, characterized by peace, freedom from fear, and the absence of pain. Furthermore he believed in living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends.

A guiding principle held by Epicurus was that we should try to minimize harm to oneself and others as the way to maximize happiness.

Epicurus was also influential in developing the foundation for scientific inquiry. It is interesting to note that many of his ideas were applied to Declaration of Independence in America and Enlightenment principles of the French Revolution.

We are just starting our first project. The stage one project is to have a dog rescue that is integrated with education in self improvement and a food assistance program for low income households.

How you can help

1. We are taking donation.

  • Food, clothing, cars, real estate etc…
  • We need financial support to get started and keep the lights on. One of our most pressing needs is to raise funds for the dog rescue insurance.

2. We need a location

  • to store food and donated clothing
  • to do dog training

3. You can hire me as your dog trainer.

4. You can buy a t shirt from one of our online t shirt stores

You can visit our Life In The Garden page on Google+ or Join our G+ community